How to Hone Your Psychic Abilities

Everyone has some intuitive, psychic abilities. Honing them to improve and control your skills can be a challenge for those who lack the resources to start. With small steps and diligent practice, you can develop your psychic abilities and become more attuned to your spirituality and inner being.


Entering a relaxed state is essential for psychic development. You must commit to regular meditation to focus your energies and allow your mind and body to align in a productive way.

Meditation doesn’t have to be done sitting down. Take a walk in nature and practice mindfulness with each step. Clearing your mind in this way allows for more clarity in things like focus, symbol recognition, and openness.


There are several psychic development books on the market; take some time each day to read from a book like this for some extra guidance. As the authors tend to draw from their own experiences with their psychic awakening, the content often is applicable to others, as well. Never Argue With A Dead Person, authored by yours truly, is an example of a resource that could help young or beginning mediums come to terms with their experiences and abilities.

You can also locate and follow some reputable psychic blogs. Reading their posts can help you learn more about psychic abilities, their practices, and developmental advice.

Take Notes

Journaling is believed to be both a therapeutic tool and a productive means of connecting with your Higher self. Documenting your thoughts, practices, and worries can help you later identify patterns and progression. Additionally, if you focus on a specific idea or issue while journaling, you can open yourself up to receive divine guidance as you are writing.

In addition to journaling regularly, you should also keep track of things like symbols. Whether you have vivid dreams or receive signs from a Spirit Guide, you should be sure to document their occurrence and what they mean according to your intuition or your guide. Likewise, if you use divination tools like tarot cards or Nordic runes, you should also write down your intuitive associations with each card rather than simply relying on a predetermined booklet of meanings for the cards. Doing so will not only give you a good reference for future readings but will also help you better connect with your psychic abilities.


Networking with other psychics, especially those in your area, can give you ample resources to learn and grow. Look into local shops, groups, and circles to see if there is one that suits you, and spend some time researching classes in your area if that interests you. Connecting with other individuals who are also developing their skills will help you feel like part of a community.

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