How to Connect with Your Spirit Guide

Spirit guides may go by different names, but their basic role is to aid psychic mediums in connecting with the dead. For psychic mediums, spirit guides are often essential for communication and the ability to pass along messages to the living. Whether you are still in the process of developing your psychic abilities or you would like some guidance for connecting with your spirit guide, the following tips should help you bridge the gap.


As with most psychic development, meditation is one of the most effective ways to enhance your abilities and deepen your connection with those who have passed on. Connecting with your spirit guide is no different. A crucial element of connecting with your spirit guide relates to your ability to listen; freeing your mind so that you are open to the wisdom of your spirit guide is often the first step to forming a relationship with them.

Free Writing

Building on your meditative experiences in connecting with your spirit guide, free writing can help you document their wisdom on paper and further enable communication between your spirit guide and yourself. In order to engage in this practice, you will have to meditate first so that your mind is open. Then, you can begin writing. You may choose to write a general invitation to your spirit guide so that they feel inclined to guide your hand, or you may simply begin free-writing and allow your mind to wander, granting access to your spirit guide. This practice may not result in a successful connection the first few times you attempt it, but with other psychic development tasks, it is important that you continue practicing over time.


On this journey to connect with your spirit guide, you may find yourself waiting for a sign, an answer, or a message. In these times, it is important that you acknowledge the simple power you possess to directly ask your spirit guide something. You may ask for a sign of their presence, a “yes” or “no,” or a concrete direction for you to follow. It does not hurt to be direct, and in fact, there are times when your spirit guide will appreciate your initiative

Be Aware

When you do receive messages from your spirit guide, it is imperative that you take their guidance into account. Reflect on whatever response you receive. Additionally, you should consistently be open to guidance from your spirit guide; such guidance may not always come in a clear, precise manner, so you should pay attention to patterns, odd events, and sudden thoughts that occur to you. Chances are, these instances may be messages from your spirit guide in disguise.


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