Signs We Receive From Loved Ones


When a loved one passes away, we often struggle to find and accept meaning in the event. We may also be searching for signs of their lingering presence or of their peaceful passing. However, when it comes to searching for signs from loved ones, knowing what to look for can be a challenge. There are a number of common signs that individuals receive from loved ones, so keep an eye out for the following signs that could bear messages from your loved ones.

Dream Visits

One of the most common vehicles for messages from deceased loved ones is in dreams. With the mind open and devoid of distractions, dreams are easily accessible by spirits. Identifying the difference between a simple dream and a message from a loved one can be tricky; assess whether there is significance in the appearance of a familiar symbol or the presence of a loved one. Often, your loved one will appear to express their message directly, often telling you of their status following their death.


Repeated numbers as well as the sudden appearance of significant numbers (such as dates or addresses) could be signs. These numbers can appear anywhere: on clocks, on license plates, on television or radio, and even in conversations with friends and family members. These numbers could be used to verify the identity of a loved one, and they could also be sending a message using numerology

Object in Your Path

This does not mean an object suddenly presents itself as an obstacle. Instead, look for items that lay directly in your path; they may be aligned with your shoes, sitting outside your car door in a parking lot, or resting in a doorway you must pass through. These objects often bear some specific meaning depending on the type of object, but in general, this tends to show the individual that they are not alone on their journey. These gifts can be anything from coins or feathers, and if you recognize a pattern in their appearance, take note; you might be receiving a message!


In many circles, scent is considered to be the sense that is most closely tied to memory. Perhaps this is the reason that scent is often used as a vehicle to transmit messages from the deceased. From whiffs of cologne, the pungent smell of cigarette smoke, or the scent of a family meal, smells sent to us from those who have passed are typically meant to be familiar. The messages commonly associated with smells often entail an indication that the deceased is with the individual. Identifying the source of the smell or the association intended can help offer some clarity.


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