Signs You Might Have Psychic Abilities

Are you psychic? In truth, we all are. However, there are a range of psychic ability—from gut feelings to spiritual communication.


There is a fine line between intuition and empathy and true mediumship. For those without adequate resources, knowing if their experiences are indicative of psychic abilities can be challenging. Below are a few signs commonly associated with a psychic awakening.

It is important to recognize that experiencing these things does not necessarily mean you are psychic, but if you believe you have latent abilities, you will need to devote significant amounts of time to developing and fostering your abilities.


One of the most common traits of psychics is a remarkable connection with others. In many cases, individuals with psychic abilities are magnetic, and other individuals feel compelled to share intimate details about their lives and histories. Psychic individuals are also sought after for their advice, insight, and natural wisdom; even when they are young, many psychics report that older family members would confide in them and request their opinions on matters that were beyond them.

Psychics often connect with animals in a unique way, as well. Because communicating with spirits, guides, and other incorporeal forces requires means beyond verbal conversation, psychics are commonly gifted with a natural ability to communicate physically, emotionally, and in rarer cases, even telepathically.


Visions of the future may seem like an abstract concept to some, but they often occur in small ways. Intuition in the form of “gut feelings,” frequent instances of déjà vu, and thinking of something before it happens (such as having a friend’s name “pop” into your mind before seeing an unexpected update from them on social media) could all be examples of psychic premonitions. Judging these experiences based on context and the likelihood of your experiences following the potential psychic moment is important; coincidences do happen, and it’s best to rule out any interferences like unconscious bias that could have led to a perceived psychic experience.


Though not every psychic will experience prophetic or symbolic dreams, psychics can often receive spiritual messages in their sleep more easily than they would during waking hours. Dreams that suggest psychic abilities can include scenes that become true in reality (sometimes resulting in feelings of déjà vu), appearances of deceased loved ones or spirit guides, and more cryptic, symbolic messages that appear in vivid dreams unlike other dreams the individual typically experiences. Some say that dreaming about being someone else, speaking another language that is unfamiliar to your waking self, and visiting in great detail a location your waking self has never seen are also possible indicators of psychic abilities.

Remember, we are all born intuitive and psychic—some of us are just more aware of it!