The Benefits of Remote Psychic Readings

Despite living in a digitally-rich society, many individuals tend to believe that psychic readings conducted over a distance either by a phone call, email, or video is less accurate than an in-person reading. All methods of psychic readings have their benefits, and no method is superior to the others. Phone readings have been met with some hesitation, but they are actually among the most common and effective methods of providing psychic insight in the ways described below. Often, people ask me if a remote reading (phone or e-mail) is as accurate as an in person reading and the answer is absolutely YES.

From a Distance

Anonymity is a great concern especially in this era when identity theft and blackmail are common issues. Remote readings allow clients to retain their anonymity as they are not required to show their faces to the psychic providing the reading. Additionally, clients are afforded the privacy and solitude they may not receive when attending an in-person reading.


Fewer Distractions

Without clients sharing a physical space with a psychic, the reader may have an easier time concentrating, receiving, and relaying information. The remoteness of a reading should not affect the accuracy, but with more focus, a psychic may be able to provide a larger quantity of information at a faster rate.

Likewise, the psychic is less likely to be influenced by unintentional bias in their reading; when a client is physically present, the psychic can easily pick up on the person’s status, their concerns, and more, and these realizations could impact the reading. Left to receive and express information without impediment, psychics can provide clearer readings to clients when doing so remotely.


Freedom & Flexibility

One of the most prominent benefits of phone readings is that there are few limitations on when and where the reading can be done. With in-person readings, individuals will more often than not be forced to travel; securing transportation and lodging can be difficult and financially-straining. Phone readings are more flexible when it comes to scheduling.

For individuals who are nervous about receiving a reading, being able to connect with a psychic from the comfort of their own home can help them relax. Rather than worrying about presentation, demeanor, or any other superficial quality, clients can instead free their minds to welcome their readings.


There are many opinions about remote readings, but the truth is that they are just as accurate (if not more so) than in-person readings. A majority of my clients opt to have a phone or Skype reading instead of an in person reading, though I do offer both options.