How to Prepare for a Psychic Reading


When attending a psychic medium reading, it is important that you prepare appropriately before arriving. If you want to make the most of your reading, be sure to abide by the following tips.


Keep An Open Mind

For those who are receiving their first reading as well as those who have prior experience, ensuring that you are open-minded is crucial to the process. Skeptics and believers alike should strive to be open to what they hear. Remember, that a psychic or medium has to see information and interpret it, so they have to process it through their perspective. When I do readings for clients in my office, I experience things through my clairvoyanceclairaudience, and clairsentience. I then have to understand that information in the context of my client.

Those who have received readings before must keep this openness in mind, as well. Try not to anticipate how the reading will progress; the psychic or medium may discuss matters beyond your current concentration, and even if you have something specific in mind, you should be willing to receive the reading with an open heart.


Prepare Specific Questions

Depending on the type of reading you seek, you may have limited opportunities to ask direct questions. Still, it is beneficial to prepare beforehand and identify topics, inquiries, or concerns that are on your mind. If you have the chance to ask these questions, you will likely receive more specific answers; often, psychics will end up answering your questions even if you don’t get to ask them directly, but directing your intentions into those questions by thinking about them and writing them down before attending your reading can help the psychic give a better reading. I often advise my clients to set intentions before coming to the reading, and prepare questions they want to ask, but allow the reading to progress at the direction of the medium. At the end, I always allow questions.


Clear Your Mind

If you are visiting a psychic for a reading, chances are you have a reason for going. Something may be troubling you or you may feel uncertain about something in your life. Whatever is on your mind, you should do your best to relax and stay calm. It is best to practice meditation or deep breathing exercises in the days leading up to your session. Doing so will help you accept and process your reading, and it will also keep the psychic reader unaffected by your stress and any disruptions in your energy. Also, ask your loved ones to begin to visit you, and ask them in prayer and meditation to bring up certain things you need to know to validate their presence.

Preparing for your reading can help you receive a more accurate, clear, and pertinent reading. Remember, every psychic medium is like a best friend—they are each important, but all a little different!