Mini Sage Bundles (3 per order) - Organic White Sage, Lavender & Roses (free shipping)

$22.00 each


Mini Sage Bundle:  Organic White Sage, Lavender & Roses

GORGEOUS is an understatement with this beautifully wrapped sage!
Mini bundles made with love and favored by Thomas. Thomas burns them for energy cleansing, clearing and removing bad vibes while filling your space with a beautiful smelling aroma and depositing positive energy back into the area.
Perfect to add to your altar space, desk, meditation room, or to give away as gifts. 
Made with dry and fresh ingredients and love. These are aesthetically and aromatically pleasing even without burning
Cost is $22.00 which includes 3 mini sages and free shipping
Product details:
Size: About 3 inches long
Organic White Sage
Wrapped in Twine (that can be safe to burn)
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