The Thomas John Experience - Community Membership

Come join and experience THE THOMAS JOHN EXPERIENCE---a unique and new way of connecting with Thomas John in a community setting!
Have the chance to connect with THOMAS through PERSONAL READINGS, Courses, and Live Prayer Circles!
Did you know that there is a group of people in this world JUST LIKE YOU? They are spiritually aware, open minded, and seeking to expand their consciousness. This is the tribe YOU would vibe with----a group of folks who gather monthly with Thomas to share thoughts, ideas, and receive healing and readings from Thomas! 
Thomas has an infallible track record as a scientifically tested psychic and medium. He delivers messages from the Other Side that HELP you to navigate your life, receive closure from the loss of a loved one, or expand your consciousness. 
Here is a reading Thomas recently did: Click Here
Now, gather together with the guidance of Thomas John.
If you are looking for support, a community, and direct access to answers with Thomas, this is your opportunity!
Your membership includes:
  • Every month, a 90 minute course with Thomas which will be on a Thursday or Friday (7:30-9pm ET - New York City Local Time)----on this meeting, Thomas will give you a monthly update about the month ahead, prepare a topic to teach about, and take some live questions or do live readings! Topics include astrology, medical intuition, psychic abilities
  • 2022 Dates: Feb 17th, March 18th, April 21st, May 13th, June 23rd,
  • July 14th, Aug 19th, Sept 8th, Oct 13th, Nov 18th & Dec 8th
  • Monthly prayer circle: once a month, you will have the opportunity to join a 30 minute healing prayer circle for health, relationships, wealth, and spiritual expansion. You can submit yourself, friends, pets, and loved ones for healing intentions and prayers. And, by being a part of a community of prayers, you will be shifting into a powerful energy that will yield miracles for YOU!
  • (2022 Dates: Jan 24th, Feb 28th, March 21st, April 25th, May 17th, June 27th, July 25th, Aug 22nd, Sept 29th, Oct 12th, Nov 14th & Dec 15th) /  All between 7-9pm ET
  • Every month, Thomas or a colleague of his will host a live readings Zoom event for one hour and deliver messages from loved ones and guides. (You will receive the date and time each month)
  • Access to a Facebook group page where you can post questions, speak with other members, and join in a community of similar thinking individuals. Post questions, and Thomas will be responding on this Facebook group. You can even post medium or psychic questions, or simply exchange ideas with other like-minded folks! 
  • A monthly meditation will be provided for THIS group only. This will be sent to you MONTHLY as an MP3 DIRECT TO YOUR e-mail! Thomas will record this and you can use it in your daily meditation and spiritual practice. This is yours to keep FOREVER! 
  • Every month, we will pick one lucky member to win a prize (15 minute personal reading, spiritual products, live event and more)

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