"At Sea with Spirit: A Journey into the Mystical Realms" with Medium Thomas John March 26th - Apr 2nd, 2022


"At Sea with Spirit: A Journey into the Mystical Realms" is a once in a lifetime experience that Thomas is thrilled to share with you. Thomas John will be having 14 hours of workshops that include teachings, mentoring sessions, meditations, and platform demonstrations. Plus, there will be multiple opportunities for messages and readings! Many loved ones will come through to share special insights with messages of love, hope and healing. There are a lot of new teachings and techniques that Thomas is excited to tell you about, and I will only be conducting these on this fabulous adventure. All this and the Caribbean too—what fun!

Come explore the beautiful waters and sugary beaches of Turks and Caicos, St. Thomas, Half Moon Cay Bahamas and the rich culture of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Plus, aboard this wonderful vessel you can spend time being pampered at the Spa, eating a delicious meal, or enjoying the pools on the ship. Let's spend this time renewing our souls and having fun at the same time!

There is always a beautiful camaraderie and connection that happens on these trips, and in fact, many folks make life-long friends! Please join me in the Caribbean for a week of empowering workshops all while enjoying a fantastic life changing experience at Sea. See you onboard!


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Our workshop will entail many different facets of growth, transformation, intuition, and enhancing techniques to elevate your experiences of love, abundance and wellness in your world. Plus, we will have many opportunities for readings and receiving direct messages from spirit. Let’s search for our soul’s purpose and increase our awareness of the spirit through meditations and a first-hand approach to grounding our physical compass in a complex world.

With 14 incredible hours of workshops and experiences we will focus on the following topics:

  • Connect with your personal team of guides, angels, and loved ones.
  • Receive a direct message from spirit during one of my platform demonstrations.
  • Learn techniques about how to mediate, pray, and connect with your spirit team.
  • Experience deep inner transformation through intensive soul-based meditations.
  • Clear obstacles that are preventing you from healing your life.
  • Understand how to remain psychically charged, protected, and grounded in an often complex and toxic world.
  • Enhance your practical intuition to expand your experiences of love, abundance, and wellness in your life.
  • Master and finally understand your soul's purpose.
  • Connect with your existing, natural connection that you have with your guides and learn how to decipher the hidden messages they give you.
  • Understand your past lives.


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