Small Group Online Mastermind hosted by Mediums Thomas John & Michelle Barr

Jan - Feb 2024



In this Live Small Group Mastermind limited to 20 people, you will get up close and personal attention, including both Psychic Guidance and solid strategy, from Thomas John and Michelle Barr on How to Clarify Your Authentic Message and Get Your Book Written.

In these powerful and intimate group calls, you’ll get teaching and training, coaching, intuitive guidance, and the support you need to bust through any emotional blocks keeping you from connecting with your Authentic Message and getting it out into the marketplace to build and grow your Spiritual Business.

Your Authentic Message is already inside of you waiting, and this duo of Professional Psychic Mediums and successful Spiritual Business Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Authors, and Teachers are here to help you connect with and clarify your message, launch yourself into the marketplace and stand out with your book, and kick your cash flow into high gear.

Connecting with and clarifying your Authentic Message and turning it into a book, a signature talk, social media content, and a body of work that becomes attractive offers in the marketplace is the fastest way to grow your business organically, and this is the team to do it with you!


Every Medium needs a book (every Healer and Psychic, too). It’s the new business card that gets your Authentic Message out into the world and brings new clients directly to your door.

You may know this is true, but do you know the exact formula to make it happen, and do you have the strong support and guidance you need, psychically, energetically, and strategically?

This program gives you personalized training and coaching on your Authentic Message and turning it into your book and your platform so you can create a following of eager clients and students.



You will receive in this course...

1. A 15 minute one-on-one reading with Medium Thomas John!!!


2. One Call per week  (4 calls total) with Thomas John & Michelle Barr
January 22nd & 29th - February 5th & 12th, 2024 / 7-9pm ET 


3. 30 Days of training, support & guidance along with the recordings


4. 15 minute recorded interview with Michelle Barr that you can use to promote your book!

5. Access to private Facebook group


6. 60 Minute group session with a PR Expert

(TBD on date and time but will be in the months of Jan or Feb) 


7. 60 Minute group session with a and a Publisher Expert

 (TBD on date and time but will be in the months of Jan or Feb) 


Payment Options:

Full Payment $2,500 | Click Here

Payment Plan ($500 Down (non refundable) , 1k Sep 1st 2023, 1k Nov 1st 2023) | Click Here Click



About Michelle Barr:

Michelle Barr is a Psychic Medium, Healer, and Spiritual Business Expert and Coach,
She is the Founder of The Texas Institute of Mediumship. Michelle has been a Personal Transformation Specialist for over 25 years and has an online global business. She travels both nationally and internationally, speaking,teaching, and serving. You can connect with Michelle at
I was determined to write a book and share my belief with the world that there is no death, only life. Someone I trusted and who was once close convinced me that I was not a writer and could never write a book. Unfortunately, I believed him at the time.
Then I was given the opportunity to sell my book at a literary event occurring in less than four months. This is where my colleague, Michelle Barr, came into the picture. She was that special person to tell me it WAS possible to not only write it, but within the limited time frame. 
She, along with others, helped me to rewire my doubtful brain to realize I really can accomplish this and anything else I put my mind to. 
Michelle Barr is not only a phenomenal psychic and friend, but she is also a great coach when it comes to the business of promoting mediumship. I can honestly say that I would not have been able to write my book at that time without Michelle’s initial encouragement.  
I am so grateful to her and all the others on my team that helped me accomplish this goal that turned out to be a significant step in my life. Not only did I finish the book on time, but I sold plenty of copies during my first literary event. 
In the meantime, another significant event in my life was the decision to mentor with the amazing medium, Thomas John. He has been incredibly supportive and has shared so much valuable information that has helped further launch my career. In fact, it has been such a great experience that I want to sign up for his guidance for another year! The icing on the cake with my book was when Thomas agreed to write the Foreword!
I love how the universe works; how we discover everything happens for a reason. Michelle and Thomas John both played key roles in getting me started on my path to writing my book. I am thankful they both stepped into my life at a time when I needed them the most.
Maria Verdeschi
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