Spirit Photography | Online Course | Wednesday, June 21⋅7:30 – 9:30pm ET




Spirit Photography | Online Course | Wednesday, June 217:30 – 9:30pm ET

Join Mediums Thomas John & Alyson Gannon for a special two-hour event on spirit photography

During this special event, Mediums Thomas John & Alyson Gannon will discuss spirit photography, teach you how to capture Spirit in your own photographs & Videos plus answer questions on orbs, dorbs and more! Bring your camera as we set our intention, leading the group in meditation with time to capture photos of Spirit loved ones. Thomas & Alyson will also be reading for participants -- tuning into your photos & videos with Spirit and helping you identify who is being captured in your photos and videos. 


Cost: 30.00 

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Please Note: This is a fun and interactive workshop on spirit photography. You will learn ways to photograph Spirit, however, we cannot guarantee Spirit will come through your photos & videos during class. We will also be doing many spirit photo and videos readings, but also can't guarantee your photo/video will be read.

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