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Join the Healing Circle

I have been divinely guided to create and establish a community for my friends and clients to regularly connect with each other, and with me. I believe that we are all here for a divine purpose, and that we are here to grow and evolve spiritually, develop our intuition, and to increasingly become aware

I am

As a result of this, I am offering a new membership group called "The Healing Circle". As a member of this exclusive opportunity you will receive:

  1. Access to a 24-7 Forum where you can interact, connect, and speak with other users, including myself. You can post questions for me to answer and reply to---I will be going on 3 times per week and answering and responding to questions! Nobody else will have access to this forum except Healing Circle and Inner Circle members!
  2. Enjoy a 15% discount on any purchases, including the purchase of candles, books, readings, and courses with me!
  3. Once a month, I will select one member to receive a FREE 30 minute reading with me by the telephone. We will announce who the winner is each month by e-mail.
  4. A monthly e-mail that recommends a new product, book, course, or healer that I have encountered that I feel guided to share with you. I will write a short description of what the product is, where to get it, and how I used it in my own life.
  5. Each month, as a collective group, we will set an intention for the month ahead. We will send healing to those that need it in the group, and list specific issues/situations that need healing. This will be a place for us to extend generosity, kindness, encouragement, and wisdom with each other. This will be a safe and secure space for us to all express grief, concern, and sadness in a private and safe way.
  6. Yearly membership only: You can attend one event of mine (limited to events where the ticket price is less than or equal to $75).
  7. Yearly membership also includes: One special 3 hour summit, group, live call with Thomas John where Thomas will teach on a topic about spiritual development and psychic development and do live readings and question and answers. Only those in the yearly membership will be invited (not open to public).

Please note that the Healing Circle membership is different from the Inner Circle membership (the Inner Circle membership includes the Healing Circle).

Our Healing Circle gears up September 1, but sign up now to start using your benefits!