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Cynde Meyer Interviews Thomas John

April 12: 9:30-10:00 pm EST. 

Thomas John is a global psychic sensation who has wowed audiences across the world with his impressively accurate messages from ‘the other side’. Hosting sold-out events such as A Night with Spirit and Dinner with the Dead, Thomas John is one of the nation’s most coveted psychic mediums. Bi-Coastally based, his gifts continue to be in high demand with influencers, A-list celebrities, and those at crossroads in life from coast to coast and around the globe.

Call in to speak to host: (347) 857-4447

Thomas will be appearing at the Sixth Annual Afterlife Conference in St. Louis, May 12-15, 2016. Visit for details.

Radio Show Host Cynde Meyer is the CEO, founder and publisher of Spirit Seeker Magazine, a 20 year monthly resource for the Mind, Body and Spirit. She is a weekly radio show host, and has interviewed some of the top authors in the area of Mind, Body and Spirit, including Wayne Dyer, Esther Hicks, don Miguel Ruiz, Marianne Williamson, Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha, Dr. Pillai, Doreen Virtue, John Edward, and James Van Praagh. 

Cynde works as a certified Life Coach, Real Estate agent, Feng Shui Consultant and gifted spiritual psychic. Her clients call her sessions Spiritual Tuneups!

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First Place: 60 Minute Combination Reading
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Fifth Place: One copy of Thomas John's book - Never Argue with a Dead Person: True and Unbelievable Stories from the Other Side.

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Message from Thomas John

Dear Friends,

I was recently home for my sister’s wedding in Massachusetts, and found myself rifling through some old papers in my garage late one night during the trip. In one binder, I found a report I had done in the 4th grade, when I was 10 years old. The assignment was to write ten sentences about how the world would be in 20 years. I wrote about technology advances, and drew pictures of robots, but I also wrote a sentence that seems especially poignant now. “In twenty years the world will be a better place.”
I am now 31 years old, so 20 years has recently passed, and in light of the recent events, I am thinking a lot about that statement---is the world a better place? I think the answer is probably “no and yes.” We have made tremendous progress on so many fronts in the last 20 years, including technology, health and science, and progress towards being a more peaceful and loving people. But in 20 years, it also seems we’ve somehow become worst---the world obviously seems more dangerous, more illogical, and more terrifying.
As an intuitive and a medium, I think about death and life almost everyday—it’s part of my thinking and prayers every morning, and every night. And in the wake of these horrible events,  people seek our spiritual teachers and healers like myself to ask some version of the question, “What is next for us?”
It is clear that we are living in a very terrifying time, and after events like the ones in Paris, the world has been changed forever. What can we do about a world where the climate, the people, the politics, and the culture seem in uproar? We need to fix this. Just like in other times in humanity---such as when we banished blacks from having rights or women from voting--we are living in a time that is shameful and blasphemous to who we are as reflections of God. We must self-correct this path and put ourselves on a higher plane. 

As we are all intuitive and divine beings, we all have a connection to God, and thus, within all of us, there is an answer to be heard and known about what lies ahead for our world. However, it takes tremendous courage to listen to our intuition and hear the divine in our thoughts. Through prayer, meditation, gratitude, and spiritual direction, we are able to guide ourselves into the inner workings of our soul and embrace our essential existence as Spirit. 

It seems clear that we also need to further our calling as spiritual beings and develop a vernacular and a system of thought that is spiritual, but also rooted in the actualities of what our world needs. I hate words like "energy" and "spirituality" because they tend to be hugely overused words that mean nothing. We need to reintroduce the sacred, the divine, and the God into our spiritual practices. I will be honest when I say that green juices, yoga, and astrology are not going to save our planet---but a divine connection with God might. The spirituality world has lost the connection of God in much of the work that is out there now. We have lost our connection with Source. 

Finally, our leaders must unite, and they must do so with the great spiritual teachers of our time. In fact, we need to be more focused on electing officials and leaders that are spiritually focused. All of our great leaders---MLK, Jefferson, Lincoln---were spiritual thinkers at their core. The people we have in office now do not seem to be spiritually focused or even have an understanding of basic metaphysics. 

I hope and pray for a world that is open to these changes.

Get Your Personal Guide to 2016

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Are you anxious about the year ahead? Do you worry what lies ahead for you and others? Are you hoping for a better year in 2016 in the areas of health, finances, career, and life purpose?

Thomas John is making a special guide for his clients to help them navigate the year ahead. The guide includes a general guide to 2016 for the world/nation, as well as a specific message (with predictions) about the individual receiving the guide. Thomas will also indicate specific dates or periods of time to be aware over the course of the year.

Each guide will be specifically tailored to the person purchasing it.

This guide will help you to gain clarity and insight about the year ahead!

An excellent opportunity to receive guidance and support from Thomas John in an economical and fun way!

Guides are delivered through e-mail in a an easy to use, printable, PDF file.

All information will be directly from Thomas John and his guides and angels on the Other Side. This is an amazing opportunity to connect with your loved ones, guides, and spirit guides before 2016 begins so you know exactly what to anticipate.

Please note: Reports will be delivered on or both January 15th, 2016. Please do not call or email regarding delivery date as this will delay the process.

Limit 4 per person.

Call:  347.637.8592

Cost for your personal guide is $70.  We have limited the number of personal guides so if you wish to have one please respond right away.


Why Do Bad Things Happen

Why Do Bad Things Happen

One of the most common questions I am asked by people in my practice is why bad things happen to them. People will ask if they are being cursed by someone, if an ancestor from a distant past is making them pay a karmic debt, of if there ex is doing voodoo on them. It's some variation of this question in many instances---basically, the question is: WHY DOES BAD $*IT happen to me--I'm a good person! In fact, some get so plagued by this question, they give UP their spiritual practices because they feel they aren't "working" (A client bemoaned last week---"I got fired from my CEO job last week---and it was so humiliating carrying out $5000 worth of crystals that I had in my office to "protect" my job--which obviously didn't happen!")
The moral of the story is this----bad stuff happens to everyone. People die, jobs end, friends backstab, people commit crimes. The struggle is real. You can meditate, pray, cleanse, heal, all you want-----but sometimes, crap is still going to show up at your door. And guess what---you can't prevent that. Even the biggest spiritual thought leaders in the world---the greats one names like Marianne, Deepak, Gabby---nobody has the answer for how to have nothing bad ever happen to you ever. And do you want to know why? Because that's impossible! The reality of the world is that it's a miraculous place filled with many miracles, and with that, comes many tests.
The bottom line is that spirituality does not mean you are immune to this. A devout yoga practice does not give you a free pass to never have a fight with a friend. Meditating every morning doesn't mean you'll never have a bad boyfriend again. It doesn't work like this. However, connecting deeply--praying, speaking to your guides, honoring your loved ones, does guarantee you a few things.
1. Insight: Connecting deeply with your intuition and spirituality will give you depth of insights. You'll feel you understand yourself more, your friends and family more. You'll be clear. You'll be open and aware. A lot can change in a short amount of period.
2. Happiness and inner peace: People who connect with their spirituality are generally happier. In fact, scientists often find a link between happiness and spirituality or religion. So pray to be happy. So meditate to be happy. Do it for your inner happiness.
3. Great appreciation of life: By bringing more spirituality into your life, you'll appreciate your life more. You'll be more calm, more stable, and happier. You'll have more gratitude and enjoy every moment with much more intensity. 


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