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Five Things I've Learned About Friends(Living Ones, Not Dead Ones)

As a psychic medium, many people ask me for guidance and wisdom about issues in their life----romance, career choices, family decisions, health. I am blessed to maintain a connection with many guides, spirit guides, and ancestors who offer these downloads of wisdom and energy from Spirit. It is a beautiful process to witness and experience, and I thank God and Spirit every day that I am a messenger to Spirit. 

One question that I don't receive much about---and I wish I did because I think it's so important---is friendship. For those who know me well, friendship is something that is very important to me. It's something that I take very seriously, and it's something that I really care about. Having great friends is very important to me, and a core part of my life. 
In the past few years, I've learned a lot about friendship. And to be honest, it hasn't always been easy. But here are some core beliefs I know to be true about friendship:
  1. A real friendship doesn't require constant validation In a real friendship, you don't have to call the person EVERY day to know they are a real friend. I find that in some friendships, people are judged by how frequently they speak. Some of my closest friends, I speak to once per month (actually, my friend Steve, I only speak to in person because he simply does NOT answer phone calls--and we are best friends!). Friendship has nothing to do with how many bars you go to, how much you speak, or how frequently you text---it has to do with the real connection you have. I have several friends that I KNOW are there for me, and I don't need to constantly reassure myself of that by checking in with them all the time. 
  2. There's competition, but never jealousy: Great friends promote growth, change, and evolution in each other. Some of my best friends are always encouraging me to think differently or consider a new perspective. Sometimes this even plays out in pushing the other one to be their best. However, true friends are never jealous of one another. Jealousy is a very dark emotion, and when someone is jealous, it can destroy the relationship that is there. Competition is about soul growth; jealousy is about ego. A friend who gets jealous of you is not a true friend. 
  3. Stadium Seating. I tend to be a very social person. I have a home in Los Angeles and New York City, I travel a ton, and I meet many different types of people. I've implemented stadium seating with my friends. It sounds tacky or kind of conceited, but it's a great system for how you deal with friendships. One of my dear friends, Dave (who I have known since I was 3 years old), constantly uses the phrase "best friend"---for about 100 different people. Is it really possible to have 100 best friends? There are best friends, close friends, work friends, acquaintances, and all sorts of "types" of friends. It's important to know what "type" of friend someone is so you don't have the wrong expectations for the relationship.  
  4. You find out who your REAL friends are when you f$ck up. Nobody is perfect, and we are all bound to make mistakes. The real question is if you will be supported and loved when someone knows you are down and out. It's easy to be a friend to someone when they are rich, healthy, or famous--but what about when someone is poor, sick, or not well known? How someone treats you when you are down on your luck shows that person's true character towards you. Pay attention to that. 
  5. Friendships are like relationships---they are not always permanent, and they require work. Whoever said that friendships don't require work was completely wrong. Just like relationships, they require care and concern. They take a lot of hard work and are sometimes very challenging. And just like relationships, all friendships don't last forever. And that's totally fine. Put in effort to friendships, but never chase a friendship. In my opinion, you should allow a friendship to take it's natural course. 
Until next time, 

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Above all, this is a book filled with comfort, love, forgiveness, and hope. For Thomas John, death is not the end, it is just the beginning. Our friends and relatives are still with us. They care for us. They watch over us. And, in times of particular need, they offer us their help.

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"Psychic Insights Into Malaysia Airlines Flight 370"


The mystery of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 that disappeared on March 8, 2014, carrying 12 crew members and 227 passengers had the world riveted for weeks. As the search for the missing plane took twists and turns through the waters of the South China Sea and off the coast of western Australia, the hope of finding survivors sadly diminished. Families and friends of passengers are now faced with the tragic realization that their loved ones may be gone forever.

Since the plane disappeared, I’ve had a series of more than 15 dreams about the location and circumstances surrounding the missing Malaysian plane. I have worked with two families whose loved ones were on the missing plane, to help connect them with their loved ones from the plane. Through our sessions, we have learned that these passengers are, indeed, deceased.

Let me explain how I was able to connect with the passengers on the missing plane. I am a clairvoyant. I have been seeing visions of things happening - before they happen and after – my entire life. At the age of 4, I had dreams and flashes of many things that came to pass. On May 1, 1990, I woke from a sleep and told my grandmother, who was babysitting me, that the angels had just visited me and told me that a huge tornado was coming in a year, and it would kill over 100,000 people. On April 29th, a year later, a tropical cyclone hit Bangladesh, killing an estimated 138,000 people. Two days before September 11th, I had a dream about buildings burning in New York City and people jumping from buildings.

What I have learned is that I have been given a gift of prophecy and clairvoyance, to be used responsibly to help people. If I can give insight to some of the great mysteries that intrigue the world, that can help humanity, help to ease suffering, and help people who are yearning for answers where none seem to logically exist, then, I believe, I am using my gift as it was intended. I believe I am called to be of service.

I have compiled a list of information regarding the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, that I have ascertained from my series of dreams and my sessions with family members mentioned previously. I state these as a matter of fact, since I implicitly trust my gift of clairvoyance. In addition, the families I worked with who had loved ones on the plane, have verified that indeed these were their loved ones I was in touch with.

Terrorism: There has been much speculation about whether the plane succumbed to terrorism. The answer is, yes, it did, but the terrorism was not as a result of any of the pilots, crew, or passengers on the plane. The terrorism was committed while the plane was on the ground. The plane’s engine, or engines, were sabotaged to malfunction, including the radio system. Something to do with “oil”. I keep seeing and hearing the words “explosive decompression”.

  • The plane was leaking jet fuel before taking off.
  • The plane experienced a malfunction that was sudden and unexpected. It was tampered with to malfunction at a certain altitude.
  • The plane did a series of maneuvers, gaining and losing altitude, which caused the passengers to have trouble breathing.
  • The pilots were trying to steer the malfunctioning jet to land, but they could not.
  • I did see a struggle on the plane but it may have been a disagreement between the pilots. I do not feel the plane was hijacked.
  • I see smoke in the cockpit.
  • I believe everyone perished before the plane hit the ocean. It seems everyone died suddenly.

Reason for Terrorism: I am being shown that a particular government was motivated to hide the identities of some of the passengers. This sabotage was orchestrated at a government level. The culprits are a governmental, or some type of organization. This was a last-minute act of sabotage. Some information was found out about who was on the plane at the last minute. I feel the reason for the sabotage was related to information about technology.

Two governments whose passengers were on the plane have an active amount of information that is at a much higher level than we have access to. I don’t believe either government knows the location of the plane but they have a lot of information leading up to what happened. I believe there are some unreleased transmissions from the plane.

Location of the Plane: I’ve been told the plane is “deep down” at the bottom of the Indian Ocean with no survivors. I am getting a strong hit on Latitude: 34.741612, Longitude: 97.646484.

Finding the Plane: A search in August/September 2014 will result in locating pieces of the plane, but only very minimal parts.

I am being shown we will have conclusive evidence in May/June 2015. We will know essentially what happened and be able to recreate some of it.

Only a very small amount of parts of the plane will ever be found since they are in an “unreachable” part of the ocean. I see big mountains and crevices, virtually impossible to locate.

Thomas John is an internationally regarded psychic medium and clairvoyant. He has conducted hundreds of readings for clients around the world and was recently featured on the Dr. Phil Show. He is a published author and life coach. Thomas is based in New York, USA. To interview Thomas John, or book him for speaking engagements contact Jan Jones This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +1-760-431-8692/

Thomas John is an internationally regarded psychic medium and clairvoyant.  He has conducted hundreds of readings for clients around the world and was recently

featured on the Dr. Phil Show.  He is a published author and life coach.  Thomas is based in New York, USA. To interview Thomas John,

or book him for speaking engagements contact Jan Jones This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +1-760-431-8692/


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