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Why Do Bad Things Happen

Why Do Bad Things Happen

One of the most common questions I am asked by people in my practice is why bad things happen to them. People will ask if they are being cursed by someone, if an ancestor from a distant past is making them pay a karmic debt, of if there ex is doing voodoo on them. It's some variation of this question in many instances---basically, the question is: WHY DOES BAD $*IT happen to me--I'm a good person! In fact, some get so plagued by this question, they give UP their spiritual practices because they feel they aren't "working" (A client bemoaned last week---"I got fired from my CEO job last week---and it was so humiliating carrying out $5000 worth of crystals that I had in my office to "protect" my job--which obviously didn't happen!")
The moral of the story is this----bad stuff happens to everyone. People die, jobs end, friends backstab, people commit crimes. The struggle is real. You can meditate, pray, cleanse, heal, all you want-----but sometimes, crap is still going to show up at your door. And guess what---you can't prevent that. Even the biggest spiritual thought leaders in the world---the greats one names like Marianne, Deepak, Gabby---nobody has the answer for how to have nothing bad ever happen to you ever. And do you want to know why? Because that's impossible! The reality of the world is that it's a miraculous place filled with many miracles, and with that, comes many tests.
The bottom line is that spirituality does not mean you are immune to this. A devout yoga practice does not give you a free pass to never have a fight with a friend. Meditating every morning doesn't mean you'll never have a bad boyfriend again. It doesn't work like this. However, connecting deeply--praying, speaking to your guides, honoring your loved ones, does guarantee you a few things.
1. Insight: Connecting deeply with your intuition and spirituality will give you depth of insights. You'll feel you understand yourself more, your friends and family more. You'll be clear. You'll be open and aware. A lot can change in a short amount of period.
2. Happiness and inner peace: People who connect with their spirituality are generally happier. In fact, scientists often find a link between happiness and spirituality or religion. So pray to be happy. So meditate to be happy. Do it for your inner happiness.
3. Great appreciation of life: By bringing more spirituality into your life, you'll appreciate your life more. You'll be more calm, more stable, and happier. You'll have more gratitude and enjoy every moment with much more intensity. 


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Five Things I've Learned About Friends(Living Ones, Not Dead Ones)

As a psychic medium, many people ask me for guidance and wisdom about issues in their life----romance, career choices, family decisions, health. I am blessed to maintain a connection with many guides, spirit guides, and ancestors who offer these downloads of wisdom and energy from Spirit. It is a beautiful process to witness and experience, and I thank God and Spirit every day that I am a messenger to Spirit. 

One question that I don't receive much about---and I wish I did because I think it's so important---is friendship. For those who know me well, friendship is something that is very important to me. It's something that I take very seriously, and it's something that I really care about. Having great friends is very important to me, and a core part of my life. 
In the past few years, I've learned a lot about friendship. And to be honest, it hasn't always been easy. But here are some core beliefs I know to be true about friendship:
  1. A real friendship doesn't require constant validation In a real friendship, you don't have to call the person EVERY day to know they are a real friend. I find that in some friendships, people are judged by how frequently they speak. Some of my closest friends, I speak to once per month (actually, my friend Steve, I only speak to in person because he simply does NOT answer phone calls--and we are best friends!). Friendship has nothing to do with how many bars you go to, how much you speak, or how frequently you text---it has to do with the real connection you have. I have several friends that I KNOW are there for me, and I don't need to constantly reassure myself of that by checking in with them all the time. 
  2. There's competition, but never jealousy: Great friends promote growth, change, and evolution in each other. Some of my best friends are always encouraging me to think differently or consider a new perspective. Sometimes this even plays out in pushing the other one to be their best. However, true friends are never jealous of one another. Jealousy is a very dark emotion, and when someone is jealous, it can destroy the relationship that is there. Competition is about soul growth; jealousy is about ego. A friend who gets jealous of you is not a true friend. 
  3. Stadium Seating. I tend to be a very social person. I have a home in Los Angeles and New York City, I travel a ton, and I meet many different types of people. I've implemented stadium seating with my friends. It sounds tacky or kind of conceited, but it's a great system for how you deal with friendships. One of my dear friends, Dave (who I have known since I was 3 years old), constantly uses the phrase "best friend"---for about 100 different people. Is it really possible to have 100 best friends? There are best friends, close friends, work friends, acquaintances, and all sorts of "types" of friends. It's important to know what "type" of friend someone is so you don't have the wrong expectations for the relationship.  
  4. You find out who your REAL friends are when you f$ck up. Nobody is perfect, and we are all bound to make mistakes. The real question is if you will be supported and loved when someone knows you are down and out. It's easy to be a friend to someone when they are rich, healthy, or famous--but what about when someone is poor, sick, or not well known? How someone treats you when you are down on your luck shows that person's true character towards you. Pay attention to that. 
  5. Friendships are like relationships---they are not always permanent, and they require work. Whoever said that friendships don't require work was completely wrong. Just like relationships, they require care and concern. They take a lot of hard work and are sometimes very challenging. And just like relationships, all friendships don't last forever. And that's totally fine. Put in effort to friendships, but never chase a friendship. In my opinion, you should allow a friendship to take it's natural course. 
Until next time, 

Thomas John’s 2015 Psychic Predictions for America and the World

Thomas John’s 2015 Psychic Predictions for America and the World

Includes predictions for US and World events, Weather, Financial, Political, Scientific, and Celebrity Predictions.



When I began doing psychic readings for people professionally at the age of 21, my entire life changed, the way I saw, viewed, understood, and experienced the world drastically changed and evolved. I began to see the complicated things that happen in the world. I began to see how the "stories" and "news" that we are often provided with can be very far from the truth sometimes.

Even before I started sharing my predictions, I would receive impressions of events before they would happen. About five years ago, I decided to share them with the world. I feel that by doing this, I can help others become more prepared for the years and months ahead.


A note about prophecy: As long as man has been walking the earth, we have had forms of prophecy as part of our culture. This includes people making predictions about the future, and prophets assisting with high-powered government officials and leaders. The Bible was written by many prophets of the time. When I receive information, I do need to interpret it so I can present it to you, so not everything that I see is always 100% accurate. The reason that I choose to share this information with you is so that you can have a clearer understanding of what is going on in the world and use this information to make decisions that are informed with a clearer picture of the truth. These predictions are not intended to scare or harm you in any way, but instead, to give insight into what is ahead and to better socially and emotionally prepare.


My prophecy for the year ahead is a process that I take on throughout the year. As I follow news stories or events, I often get impressions about what may have or the outcome of situations. I also will typically have over a dozen dreams throughout the year of things that are about to happen or will happen in the future. I keep them in a dream journal. In November, the real channeling for my predictions starts to begin. I spend about 8 hours per week in sessions where I channel messages, and then take all of the notes that I have and begin to compose the predictions.


My predictions are meant to help you, to enhance our awareness of the world, and to help us grow as a community, nation, and world. The ultimate goal is, like every supermodel says, World Peace. I truly believe if we can live in a peaceful world we can accomplish great things.


I also spend hours and hours completing, editing, channeling in preparation for my predictions, so I feel that since it is something I offer completely for free on my website, it is a special way for me to share my wisdom and insight with those that can’t afford a personal reading or personal experience with me at an event.


Synopsis: America is going into a difficult time, but there are opportunities among the situations and obstacles that face us. I feel that for the next five years, America will be replaced by China as the new super power, but I see our country regrouping and coming back stronger. We are going to have massive change in the next several years with many of our world leaders and countries. I see new countries forming, and these countries will be important key players in 2016-2020. Violence is going to continue to soar abroad, but I also see that we are on the road to peace, and by 2020, the violence and terrorism in the World will be eliminated, namely through the influence and navigation of the US. We will be viewed as the nation’s protector and victor. The key question for 2015 is how we as Americans can accept and love each other more, and how we can be kinder in our daily lives.


US Events: Obstacles and Opportunities.

Synopsis: 2015 is going to be a year that is helping us to prepare for 2016. I see 2016 being a very difficult year for the world and responsible for a lot of transition, war, problems, and crisis. 2015 is going to be the “calm before the storm”. Of course, like every year, there are events and circumstances that we need to be prepared for.


Violence in America

 I see something about a "prank" gone wrong that leads to death. The culture of "pranksters" will be criticized as a result, and I see it being fairly serious. It could even be something related to something on television. I feel this will be a teaching point for Americans as far as carving out a better way for us to think about our moral value system and entertainment.


School shooting in Oregon, in September of 2015, student. School shooting in the South, adult shooter, deaths, and a lot of sadness.


Mall shootings are going to ramp up again. As a country, we need to focus on security issues and gun security is one of our biggest issues. The system we have in place is not working. While I do not see guns being outlawed, I do see stricter gun issues being put into place. But I do feel that our youngest citizens (teenagers and even children age 8-12) have a lot of anger issues that need to be resolved and could be played out in gun drama.

Violence in America is still out of control. I feel there is going to be a situation with a child committing a very scary act of violence against peers and adults. I see this as being a turning point however, for discussing violence and gun issues.


American Political Outlook, Campaign, Leaders.

Chris Christie needs to watch his health and is sidelined because of this. I see him being viewed as a less "visible" leader.


Clinton and Bush for 2016. Elizabeth Warren goes against Clinton, but her campaign quickly fades. I see a woman being in the White House, and I do feel that Hilary Clinton will prevail in 2016, but I also see her backing out for a bit, and then coming back forward. I also see that the election is going to have a lot of controversy.


Hilary Clinton: Something haunts her from her past that makes her out to be a criminal---the scandal quickly subsides.


I see a woman prevailing in Mexico in the political scene and it will create a lot of controversy


I see a major political figure in the US government being in trouble for tax fraud. The theme of money management, even among Hollywood and political elite seems to be thematic.


Financial Future and America

Stock market next year looks Bullish, but not wildly bullish. Total return: 6%-10%. Best stock-picking hunting grounds in a while if you have a long-term time horizon.


There is going to be a dynamic shifting with the poor and the wealthy in America. Americans are going to become more aware about how credit and interest rates,

I see the price of gold dropping, but I see the price of other metals, especially silver, rising. Even metals that we normally don’t hear about being traded are going to be increasing in value. Interest rates come back into the forefront of the minds of Americans. Lots of criticism about debt, interest rates, and how “evil” credit cards are.


Pick up in jobs, small boost in the economy. Other world markets will continue to suffer, so it might be hard for the US still because everything economically is connected. However, in terms of the homeland, I see the US economy doing well.

Social security “runs” out—I am not sure exactly what this means, but I saw major meetings taken place regarding social security.

We will continue to hear reports about how even though the US economy is recovering and improving, there is still much work to do. The issue of national debt and the Federal Reserve is going to come out, and in the Fall of 2015, I sense there could be a government shutdown. I am advising all of my clients to make sure they have a 30 day supply of cash on hand at all times, to set up “emergency funds”, and to diversify their stock portfolios beyond the stock market.


Race in America

Continued racial tensions. As I have been saying for quite some time, race wars, buildings on fire, protestors, New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Seattle, Boston, Austin, Oakland. We might hear something about how this is the modern day version of the “mob”.

I see a new position being created in the White House that deals exclusively with race and racial issues.

Protests and Riots because of some sort of issue with amendment and Constitution, Civil Rights.


US Government and American Citizens

More evidence emerges that the US government was involved in Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. I see this as being an opportunity (one of many) for a dialogue with US citizens about the nature of our government.

More cameras on the police and on law enforcement. I see more law enforcement accountability. I also see more violence against police officers. I feel that there will be protests, and more fatalities. I also see police shootings. It is a very dangerous time to be a police officer. I see military walking the streets and protecting the streets of major cities and even small towns. I see men in camouflage marching the streets, and I feel like these could be army or marshal members. I see the President being involved and making an injunction.


Obama’s job approval ratings will improve, but only a little. The economy will experience an "Obama boom" (similar to Reagan and Clinton).  Employees will finally get the raises they have been asking for, unemployment will be at an all time low, job creation and start-ups will be huge too. 

I see talk of new healthcare. Obamacare is not going to continue, and a big part of the election of 2016 will be about how healthcare in America needs to be revamped again. I feel Obamacare will be struck down.


I see more automatized law enforcement practices being put into place—this includes, more monitoring, more fingerprinting, and more sobriety check points that are automatized through vehicles.


A corporate tax repatriation deal with Republican congress and Obama.

For some reason, July 4th seems like it’s going to be very significant this year. When we look at 2015, July 4th will have renewed significance.


Other Predictions for the US

I see a major missing persons case that has plagued detectives for many years being solved. I think this might be one of the most high profile "solved crimes" in the last 20 years. I see someone actually returning home, so it may be that someone was missing, but they are now found or located. I see it being one of the great-solved mysteries of our time.


NYC seems to be less and less a safe place to live. I see another attack on NYC (could possibly involve airborne related things). I feel another issue that NYC will face is homelessness. I know that seems like an obvious point but I am seeing the entire homelessness program in NYC being completely revamped and changed. I feel this all will be an opportunity for citizens to reconsider the values they want to see in local politics and recast their key players.


Local terrorist discovered in Texas----planning bombs, organizing bombs, plans to attack government but it is thwarted/prevented


I feel NYC needs to be careful surrounding its power grids.


Water travel and the oceans seem unsafe this year. If you are thinking of taking a cruise, I would postpone until 2016.


Flight changes—as a country, flight security is going to intensify again. I see this taking place over the next two years, but I see that no fly lists are going to expand, X-ray technology is going to improve, and you are going to need to be fingerprinted to fly or perhaps even get on a cruise ship. Helicopter drops "bombs". Results in increased air security. Air security needs to be revisited. 


25-30 people killed. Shoot out/shooting. Washington. Springtime. I also see the numbers 13-19. High Risk. Possibly two men.  I see them being hunted for a long time, but eventually, I see them being brought to justice.


I see lots of drama with Los Angeles politics, police, and the Los Angeles area in general. I have a home in Los Angeles, and I can even feel the energy shifting over the last few months. I feel everyone is going to be pretty much safe, I don’t see fatalities, but similar to when we had the Wall Street protestors in NYC, I see LA being filled with protests and riots.


I saw something about hunger strikes in the US, but I did not get a lot about why/how, or what it had to pertain to. It seemed in protest to something, and I saw major cities involved, like NY and LA.

I see a huge explosion in an oil plant, and I feel that there might terrorism or upset employees involved. It seems like it is not a mistake, but that is it very intentional. I also see that there will be an explosion around the ocean and a ship carrying oil and it could be a repeat of what we saw with the BP oil spill.


Global Predictions: On The Road Towards Peace

North Korea: Closer ties between Russia and China, and Russia and North Korea. These seem very dangerous. I feel the US may need to send a small amount of troops to North Korea. I also see the North Korean leadership changing.


I very clearly see an announcement about Fidel Castro dying.

Pope’s big theme for the year is “inequality”. I see religious leaders becoming an important part of the year ahead. They will be more actively involved in peace talks, and the only way we are going to resolve all of the chaos and violence in the world is if we embrace our world religious leaders.


ISIS attacks the homeland. Somehow, I see Utah involved, too.

I see the food supply in America being targeted. This is something that will be done from terrorists on the outside of America and something see this organization falling this year, but I see other things happening first. I see an assassination in the Middle East, and feel it could be Bashar-al-Assad. Formal declaration of war on ISIS after ISIS completes successful land based attack in US and proudly claims it---bomb involved. I also feel that two US reporters, fairly high profile, will be captured by ISIS---one I feel could be a woman. They are a violent and crazy minded people, and I see their power in 2015 expanding. England, shooting, terrorism, ISIS on the inside. I see a “shooter on a rampage”. I feel this will be sometime in the early part of the year and might be one of the most important events of the year, and very scary. I would avoid England during the summer of 2015. I see ISIS making an attack on US soil, too.


I see a “peace” agreement being formed between Russia and US in 2016, however before that, there is going to be huge transition and chaos. May and June are two very big months. I also see war breaking out there, and violence, and I see the US sending in troops. I also see there may be an annex of some part of Russia. Also, there is some issue with Putin and artic oil. I also see a Russian leader being assassinated.


Creation of an "artificial virus". I am not sure what this is but it sounds very scary, and I feel it is something we need to be very careful of. There are a lot of people globally that do not have America’s interest at heart. As Americans, we energetically have big hearts, and sometimes, we are too forgiving. We need to be careful about our previous enemies coming back and haunting us.

I see a plane crashing over an ocean in the Summer of 2015 with a mixed group of Americans, Europeans, and people from India and Asia. I see this as an opportunity for us to unite as a world and recognize are similarities and differences.


I see a lot of danger still around the Fukushima Nuclear Plant.

Angela Merkel---controversy, she steps down?


For some reason, I keep seeing Jordan vs. the Islamic state being in headlines. I asked for more information and did not receive it.


Global food reserves continue to plummet. I see this as being an opportunity for long-term food issues to be discussed.


I see a very sad, and tragic situation in Paris

Israel: As I am focusing on the year ahead in meditation

I see a major artifact being discovered that may date back to Biblical times.

I also see a side in lone gunman attacks, like the ones we saw in Sydney in December of 2014. 


The situations with North Korea are going to continue to get worse. The mindset of that leader is very bad, and I see him being a murderer of many people. I feel he may kill people this year and release reports about it to the media, or we will hear about it in the media. North Korea leadership is going to change. I see a lot of leaders being replaced.


Country leaves the European Union. 

In the Islamic state, fighters include children, women, and families. 

A lot of people write me after reading my predictions and say, "Wow, I'm terribly scared now---how does it help me to know all these horrible things?" The answer is that it does.



A major earthquake in CA. This is an area, of course, that gets many small earthquakes every year, but I see this as being a pretty major one. In 2016-2019, there is going to be a major earthquake in Los Angeles with massive damage, but this is not the one I am seeing for 2015. In 2015, there is a significant one, but not much death, but it will cause some significant damage. 

Major volcanic eruptions in Japan and Hawaii.

Singapore is brought up for having a lot of issues with weather---I feel it will have a major destruction

Strange weather patterns start happening across the US. Places that never had earthquakes will now have them. Tornadoes will spread in strange places in the country.

US/World: Record breaking high temperatures in summer of 2015.

Tornadoes his the South---Kentucky, Louisiana, many perish. March/April. Tornadoes in Kansas/Missouri area, month of June, lots of damage, not much death 

I see the predictive ability of being able to predict earthquakes increasing.

Mt. Fuji: eruption.

Major rain and precipitation in California and the West Coast----it may be the wettest winter of the year for CA/West Coast. On the contrary, the East Coast will have a very mild winter. 

In the Fall of 2015, I see a major hurricane hitting NYC/NJ/CT.

I kept seeing Mount Vesuvius, but I did not get a lot of information why. Seems like there will be a big weather event there.



Synopsis: Celebrities are often selected to bring with them certain messages from the Other Side. Their deaths, problems, and successes can be seen as general messages for our culture and society and be seen as a reflection of the issues that our facing our culture. Instead of viewing these predictions at gossip or tabloid in nature, I encourage you to look at the deeper messages at play here and how situations that face our country could be reflected in these messages and impressions.


I see a former president passing away, and I feel it might be sudden. I see a big funeral, Washington DC, flags, and I feel it could be George Bush. In the next two years, I feel three people may pass away. 

Rob and FKA Twigs break up. I feel he needs to watch his health.

Professional NFL player comes out. Might even be a "group" that comes out at once, like a solidarity thing. (Note: Aaron Rodgers is NOT one of them!) 

Jennifer Lawrence steps out in a very serious relationship (Liam) 


Celebrity death of a reality star, female, seems very tragic.


Love is in the Air

Engagements/Weddings: Mia and Ashton. Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes in a very private and surprise ceremony.  Olivia Culpo and Nick Jonas announce an engagement, as well as Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney (also, a pregnancy?); Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, Britney Spears and Charlie Ebersol become more serious, and announce an engagement in late 2015 or early 2016.


New Life: Kim and Kanye announce a second baby is on the way. I see a boy. I also see it being revealed in March. Beyoncé will be pregnant this year and make official announcements. The Royal baby will be a girl, and I see it being named for the Princess. I feel this is the last child for Kate Middleton. Anne Hathaway, starts a family. I feel this could be more in 2016, but I see a new relationship around Melissa Rivers with someone she is very serious with, and potentially, it could lead to marriage.


Martha Stewart in a serious relationship.


Dramatic Headlines

 Miley Cyrus enters rehab, becomes more outwardly "spiritual", and connects herself with activism. Also enters a very serious relationship. I also feel she needs to be careful about overdosing.


Kentucky Wildcats prevail during NCAA tournament---undefeated? 

New England Patriots enter Super Bowl and prevail. Blue team does very well in World Series (Cubs? Jays?)


Major sports blowout surrounding inner gambling rings, financial scams, bookies, and pay offs---multiple players are investigated and indicted. Might even result in someone being taken out of the Hall of Fame?


George Clooney divorce.


Justin Bieber continues on a path of destruction, fist fight, drug indictment. This actually is going to be a good thing because after this, he is going to calm down tremendously.


Lisa Vanderpump starts getting into movie investment deals. 


Major Health issues that I see in the news (I hope it doesn’t lead to death, but it could): Betty White, Muhammad Ali, Tony Bennett, Dolly Parton, Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicholson, Barbara Walters, Tori Spelling, Jamie Lee Curtis, Rob Pattison, David Arquette, Charlie Sheen, Mike the Situation and OJ Simpson. For some reason,


I see Casey Anthony being in the limelight again, it could even be a second pregnancy. I just pray she has learned her lessons from her situation with Kaylee, and that the baby is safe. I feel she also may write a book. 


Stephen Colbert prevails in late night.


I see wedding bells around Katy Perry and I see her very happy. I think she might finally meet the person who is "right" for her. 


The Kardashian empire falls----I see their TV shows being taken off the air and not doing well with ratings. 


Accusation against Cosby from more recent times comes forward---lawsuit emerges. Millions of dollars in settlements paid out. Tell-all book written. Some victims are exposed as false accusations. Another scandal emerges of a similar nature with another high profile celebrity, media refers to "Cosby Part II" Also, someone is going to come forward from something more recent, making it easier to charge Bill Cosby for criminal wrongdoing.


Star Wars movie sets major records; 50 Shades Flops with Critics.


Science/Technology/Health: Breakthroughs, Discoveries, and Setbacks.


Synopsis: I see 2015 being the year of great discoveries. There are going to many important discoveries in 2015 for the health, science, and technology field. I really feel that 2015 could be later viewed as an important turning point for many diseases and illnesses. With cloning and genetic research, over the next 20 years, our lifespan as human beings is going to be drastically changing.


I see more public debate with reliable stories and reliable reports on extraterrestrial life. I am not talking about people on the “fringe” that is talking about aliens or extraterrestrial life. I am seeing reliable academic personalities and reliable academics that are known scholars in the science fields referencing extraterrestrial life. I see this as something very important and very serious for our community, and something that will take years of research to “prove” and develop, but I see a major breakthrough next year.


Wearable technology is going to start to be a big deal. Insurance and pharmaceutical companies are going to become highly invested in these types of inventions and use them for diagnosis, treatment, and payouts. Despite this, I see the Apple Watch flopping relative to their other products. 

Major breakthrough in use of laser and laser technology to treat many forms of cancer 

The truth about cancer is exposed---that it is a major moneymaker for the US and International medical communities, and that patents and accurate cures are being ignored because they are not "money makers".  Dichloroacetate is more widely used for curing cancer.

Laws passed regarding sugar usage.

Advancement for HIV research, major funding for a cure is mobilized, full-blown cure is 2 years away, initial plans announced.

Alzheimer's "mediation" mobilized, begins to eliminate and reverse symptoms. 


A cure begins to emerge for autistic children. Though it will not help ALL children, it will result in a great amount of improvement for children on the spectrum and it will be mainstream in our medical communities and taken very seriously.


Cure for baldness emerges?


Ebola Vaccine announced.


Asteroid/Comet---I do see three coming towards the Earth. I do not see any significant damage coming out of two of them, and then I do see significant damage from one, and one or two deaths.

I see major discoveries being made in the ocean, including new plants, many new types of fish, and technology being developed at Princeton that can allow us to discover and investigate the ocean at a greater depth.


Headaches/Migraines---for people who suffer from chronic migraines or ongoing head pain, I see that there is going to be a major development within the science of this field.


Egypt reveals many new discoveries, including tombs, artifacts and a new culture or “country” that has never been previously discovered.

I also see: "Digital" version of Pearl Harbor---by that, I mean a surprise attack on computers/technology in the US that could be catastrophic. As a US citizen, especially going into 2015, I feel it’s more and more important to reevaluate our relationship with the Internet. I do not see the Internet becoming obsolete, but you want to make sure that if you had no access to the Internet for 30-60 days, that you have a back-up plan of how you would conduct business, connect with people, and manage your life. I do believe we are going to have some sort of major issue in the next two years with the Internet and I do believe it is some sort of attack or sabotage.


Robots start to "help out" in households. Robots become the new "computer", and every household will have one. Not in 2015, but in 2018 or 2019, I see them being in many homes and taking the place of many jobs. This will create a problem for many people in the world who lose their jobs because robots take them over (many skilled laborers). 


A major breakthrough in cloning, lots of ethical and political debates about cloning, cloning of brains, and personality/soul questions related to cloning. 


TV becomes more and more obsolete, as Amazon, Yahoo, and Netflix start to dominate in award seasons with series produced content. Netflix will also have an offer on the table to be bought. I see Amazon and Microsoft having a deal.


I see a big merger with CNN and another company. 


Facebook is being replaced by another social media organization, and their stock plummets.

I feel all of this may not happen in 2015, but I feel by 2018, they are going to be completely obsolete. I see a major technology company crashing, and I feel it could be Facebook, too. 


Hacks into Bank of America and Chase. I also see Target and Wal-Mart being an issue too. I also see a major group of hackers being brought to justice in American and then another group abroad. I also see a 'cyber-attack' that destroys the Internet for a bit. I also see files from Washington DC being revealed through a “hack”. I see all of this resulting in tighter hacking and cyber terrorism laws being passed in 2016 and 2017.

Look for hackers to launch an attack on a medical institution like a hospital. I also feel that this might result in the access of records and personal information. Might be known as “healthcare heartache”.


Cloud is the "new normal" and everyone uses it---passwords on computers become obsolete. Fingerprints become very involved with the digital age, which leads to lots of questions about government monitoring and government investigations.





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