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Are you anxious about the year ahead? Do you worry what lies ahead for you and others? Are you hoping for a better year in 2016 in the areas of health, finances, career, and life purpose?

Thomas John is making a special guide for his clients to help them navigate the year ahead. The guide includes a general guide to 2016 for the world/nation, as well as a specific message (with predictions) about the individual receiving the guide. Thomas will also indicate specific dates or periods of time to be aware over the course of the year.

Each guide will be specifically tailored to the person purchasing it.

This guide will help you to gain clarity and insight about the year ahead!

An excellent opportunity to receive guidance and support from Thomas John in an economical and fun way!

Guides are delivered through e-mail in a an easy to use, printable, PDF file.

All information will be directly from Thomas John and his guides and angels on the Other Side. This is an amazing opportunity to connect with your loved ones, guides, and spirit guides before 2016 begins so you know exactly what to anticipate.

Please note: Reports will be delivered on or both January 15th, 2016. Please do not call or email regarding delivery date as this will delay the process.

Limit 4 per person.

Call:  347.637.8592

Cost for your personal guide is $70.  We have limited the number of personal guides so if you wish to have one please respond right away.


Manhattan Medium Thomas John - Guest Speaker at First Tuesday - Los Angeles

Manhattan Medium Thomas John - Guest Speaker at First Tuesday - Los Angeles, CA

Date:  January 17, 2016

Location:  At the Historic Woman's Club in Santa Monica, 1210 4th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401 

 First Tuesday LA is about creating community...
througth social connectivity, professional networking and social service.  
In honor of  our 10th Anniversary in Los Angeles
& in support of
We will be Kicking off the 2016 NEW YEAR
BIG time...
JOIN US...for a DAY you'll never forget 
First Tuesday's GREATEST HITS (Round 1)
You Just might leave Levitating ... Take a Look!
Mary Morrissey
Mary Morrissey
Speaker, best-selling author, and consultant Mary Morrissey's transformational talks and seminars have made her one of the elite teachers in personal development and
sought after expert on the "Spiritual Side of Success"


Thomas John
Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, and Published Author, Thomas has  wowed audiences around the world with his impressively accurate message from the "other side".  Through his teachings he is inspiring many to find their own intuitive wisdom. 

Marianne Williamson
Marianne Williamson
 "Internationally acclaimed spiritual Teacher, N.Y. Best Selling Author and Lecturer, Marianne stuns audiences with her precise and impassioned articulation of the messages she conveys...known to awaken and inspire.
Tom Shadyac
Author, Humanitarian and Emmy Nominated Filmaker & Director, Tom speaks to sold out audiences, inspiring young & old alike with his fervent style and unflappable belief in the human spirit.  

Musical Inspiration by the  exquisite  
Kute Blackson
Kute is a next generation world leader out to awaken millions to Love and to Live into their inspired destiny. His life's work reveals to people what they have to give, by liberating the truth of who  they really are. 
Hear from these Life mastery galvanizers ... who have touched us deeply before and are offering their special gift of sharing their SAGE MESSAGES FOR THE NEW YEAR!


You Deserve this Day...of Continuous Inspiration, Fabulous Entertainment, Awakening AHAs, Mind Blowing Food for Thought, all the while...
Connecting - Collaboration - & Celebrating 
with Ole Friends and New!
WHEN:  JANUARY 17, 2016

 1210 4th Street, Santa Monica, CA. 90401
(Parking: Small valet lot next to the building, metered street parking & a large public parking structure steps away on 4th St.)

FLOW:  (times may vary day of)
8-8:30:  Registration (Vendor Tables open)
8:30:  Invokation:  Sacral Sound Bath with Helane Anderson
9:00:  Opening Remarks:  FT Founder & Faciliator Dr. Marcy Cole
9:20-9:30:   Morning Song with Donna de Lory 
9:30-10:20:  Time with Mary Morrissey
10:20-10:45:  Round Circle Connection
10:45-11: Break
11:00-12:15:  Time with Tom Shadyac
12:15-1pm:  Lunch Break (specific arrangements tbd)
1-1:15:    Surprise   
1:15-2:30:  Time with Thomas John, including audience readings
2:30-2:40:  Break
2:40-4pm:  Time with Marianne Williamson
4-4:15:   Surprise
4:15-5pm:  Time with Kute Blackson 
5-5:30pm:  Round Circle Connection
5:30-6pm:  Closing Remarks with Marcy & Ceremony with Donna de Lory
6-6:30pm:  Vendor Tables open
We Appreciate our Sponsors!
This not-to-be missed event is CO-ED.
So share & invite all the fabulous men & women in your life
but first...

November:   $97pp
   December:   $147pp
    January:      $197pp

Please note:  
* Your ticket is transferable, but not refundable
* You will not receive a paper ticket.  
Once you register with payment, your name will be on the list at check in. 
* Your Rsvp and attendance serves as approval that your image may be used in photography and/or video for promotional purposes 
* Preferred Seating reserved for First Tuesday On-line members
*  To become an official member of First Tuesday's online forum for women, 
please visit our website:     

  Early bird rate is only for November, December 1st $50.

Early bird rate is only for November, December 1st it goes up $50.

Why Do Bad Things Happen

Why Do Bad Things Happen

One of the most common questions I am asked by people in my practice is why bad things happen to them. People will ask if they are being cursed by someone, if an ancestor from a distant past is making them pay a karmic debt, of if there ex is doing voodoo on them. It's some variation of this question in many instances---basically, the question is: WHY DOES BAD $*IT happen to me--I'm a good person! In fact, some get so plagued by this question, they give UP their spiritual practices because they feel they aren't "working" (A client bemoaned last week---"I got fired from my CEO job last week---and it was so humiliating carrying out $5000 worth of crystals that I had in my office to "protect" my job--which obviously didn't happen!")
The moral of the story is this----bad stuff happens to everyone. People die, jobs end, friends backstab, people commit crimes. The struggle is real. You can meditate, pray, cleanse, heal, all you want-----but sometimes, crap is still going to show up at your door. And guess what---you can't prevent that. Even the biggest spiritual thought leaders in the world---the greats one names like Marianne, Deepak, Gabby---nobody has the answer for how to have nothing bad ever happen to you ever. And do you want to know why? Because that's impossible! The reality of the world is that it's a miraculous place filled with many miracles, and with that, comes many tests.
The bottom line is that spirituality does not mean you are immune to this. A devout yoga practice does not give you a free pass to never have a fight with a friend. Meditating every morning doesn't mean you'll never have a bad boyfriend again. It doesn't work like this. However, connecting deeply--praying, speaking to your guides, honoring your loved ones, does guarantee you a few things.
1. Insight: Connecting deeply with your intuition and spirituality will give you depth of insights. You'll feel you understand yourself more, your friends and family more. You'll be clear. You'll be open and aware. A lot can change in a short amount of period.
2. Happiness and inner peace: People who connect with their spirituality are generally happier. In fact, scientists often find a link between happiness and spirituality or religion. So pray to be happy. So meditate to be happy. Do it for your inner happiness.
3. Great appreciation of life: By bringing more spirituality into your life, you'll appreciate your life more. You'll be more calm, more stable, and happier. You'll have more gratitude and enjoy every moment with much more intensity. 


You Wealth Revolution - Live Call with Thomas John

You Wealth Revolution wih Thomas John - Live Call

Date: December 14

Time:  4:00PM - EST

A New 'Technology' of World-Wide Support & Transformation.

Join energetic hearts and minds to receive cutting edge energy practices. These practices have shifted thousand of people into states of awakening, joy and peace. 


The Intuitive Edge: Answers From Heaven - Livestream Series

The Intuitive Edge: Answers From Heaven - LiveStream Series with Thomas John

Dates:  November 10 (FREE), November 17, November 24, December 1 and December 8

Time:  9:00 - 10:30PM - EST

Read more: The Intuitive Edge: Answers From Heaven - Livestream Series

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